The PNT230 gives 22.5m maximum working height and up to 11.3m horizontal reach with a clearance height of 8.5m on a compact 4.5t GVW truck only 6.4m long when travelling. The dual pantograph boom allows work vertically up a structure with the operation of just a single control. It also ensures no tailswing of the boom knuckle beyond the stabiliser width, very important when working in live traffic situations and in confined spaces.

The telescopic upper section makes final positioning over obstructions easy and precise.and a load management system automatically controls the outreach to maximise performance dependent on the actual load in the cage, all the way up to its maximum 230kg / 2 person capacity.


  • Max Working Height (m) 22.5
  • Max Horizontal Outreach (m) 11.3 / 9.0
  • Max Cage Floor Height (m) 20.5
  • Max SWL (kgs) 230 (2 persons)
  • Cage Dimensions (m) 1.4 x 0.7
  • Max Persons in Cage 2
  • Max GVW (kg) 4500
  • Travelling Max Vehicle Height (m) 2.5
  • Travelling Machine Length (m) 6.4
  • Travelling Machine Width (m) 2.4
  • Wheelbase (m) 2.9
  • Working Machine Width (m) 2.6 / 2.4

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